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Clinton County

Westphalia's close proximity to Lansing, East Lansing and Grand Rapids provides easy access to work, shopping, and higher education without being in the heart of a city. Our downtown offers shops, stores, restaurants and commercial businesses in a clean, safe and friendly hometown atmosphere. We also have excellent schools and many recreational opportunities. 

Westphalia History

Westphalia was founded in 1836 by Roman Catholic settlers from Westphalia, Germany. Although the village now enjoys a more diverse population, it still maintains strong roots to its origin. Descendants of the early settlers can still be found living in the area today. ​

Ordinance 151: 
PROHIBITION OF RECREATIONAL MARIHUANA Establishments and Use in Public Places
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Village Office

200 N. Willow Street, Box 8

Westphalia, MI 48894


Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

8 AM - 4 PM

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